The good things in life Are like thorns on a cactus they prick us, they don’t make us look good and make life difficult for us. But not many of us realise that in these times are the ones which protect us against the difficulties that life has in store for us, these are the ones which make us tough enough to battle the hardships and cross the hurdles that we might face in each and every aspect of our lives.

We put in a lot of hard work we toil day in and day out without a single moment’s rest but you may argue that all the hard work you put in is it all worth it, well, in that case let me ask you a single question simple question; What is the use of winning when you were running alone in the race? How can you enjoy a meal you never worked hard for? Similarly the fruits of your hardwork taste sweeter if they are given time and supplements in the form of our patience our dedication. But during all this time when all of us are engrossed in our daily chores there is one thing everyone forgets. People or as I may say ’the study guidance experts’ may tell you to how to improve your concentration, how to work harder, how to set goals and all the other serious stuff. But what they don’t tell us is that for hardwork you need health, for concentration you need calmness of mind and for success you need positivity, and self confidence.

The lack of self confidence in today’s world among the youth and students in various schools, colleges and universities is a major problem which not only hampers their life but also the progress of the nation and the world in general the people don’t realise that the lack of confidence in children these days not only affects their personality and daily lives but also can adversely affect their future.But this problem can be solved if the elder strata of the society or as we may say Our parents and teachers take an initiative by motivating their children and encouraging them, supporting them in their decisions and guiding them on the right path when they go astray thus building up an environment of positivity around them which may develop confidence in them and they may start caring for themselves.

Long story short the key to success and calmness of mind is self confidence and self love because someone said,

You should learn to respect your own self before you expect any other person to do so.

Love yourself cause you’re worth it.



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