A new turn – Life Updated!

My life right now is like a desert with the best icing, a lot of chocolate and a cherry on the top!

I mean contrary to a few months ago where I was struggling with everything and was doubting my own decisions, it’s great now, and for an extroverted person, like me, it’s nothing less than a roller coaster ride. I am a kind of person who has a peculiar habit of talking to strangers (not random people on streets!!) By strangers I mean people from different countries, different places, different age groups. I like making pen friends, connect more with my seniors, I mean one day I’m like taking career advice from a college sophomore, a senior of mine and moments later I have an email from my pen friend in Czech Republic! (no kidding, I have one.)

I don’t know, I personally like interacting a lot, though many people find it strange my friends call me insane but that is what I enjoy. I talk to random people who like my Photography Blog on Tumblr, take advice from them and improve.

I like it when someone from an entirely different place (say France, as it happened a few days ago) appreciates my writing skills, and you learn she is a poet herself giving you ideas for your next work.

When you explore yourself, you explore a different world and slowly start connecting to people with same tastes and interests.

Another thing I have recently developed interest in is learning new languages, I don’t know but something has surely happened to me, I’m these days obsessed with learning Korean, maybe because of my fascination for K-pop these days. But apart from that I’m fairly good in Arabic and Urdu. I know a lot of French grammar and quite a few phrases in German too. I want to try my hand at Mandarin (Chinese) and Italian later. Right now I can read Korean quite well and I’m really determined in developing my vocabulary in the language.

I’ll be going to home this weekend and since my brother is learning guitar these days, I hope I can atleast learn 2-3 songs as I know the basics but had to discontinue, because I had to shift. Nevertheless looking forward to new experiences.

You know sometimes I look back a few years ago, and compare myself then and now and feel really positive about myself. I managed to develop so many new skills  while maintaining my avid interest in studies all this time. Effectiveness has become more like a habit rather than an effort.

Not saying that all my days are very productive and I’m too efficient with time management and completing my work. But I can at least handle all my tasks within the stipulated time making sure my hobbies don’t affect my studies and keeping the creative person in me alive.

Optimism is the thought that times have changed.



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